Based in Harlem, NYC


"I’m a neurospicy pansexual they/she with PTSD and a slew of other mental junk. I use my dissociative identity disorder as part of my “gimmick” - my 3 alters and myself collaborate to tell our tragic story of abuse, drugs, and the recovery so we can bring light to the mental health crisis and the lack of resources available in the United States. Especially to people of color. We call ourselves “The Sero System” and together with other indie artists on the scene, we are hell bent on forcing the truth to be heard...
To a bomb ass beat, no less.

My genre does not align in a singular path. You can find my voice singing something cute and poppy, spittin some fire bars, or screaming to the cry of a guitar. My music diversity gave me the street moniker "Miss Neva Once Miss™️"
I am a banshee bard. I sing for my people; I scream for the departed.

A portion of revenue from my music streams go to support lgbt rights, victims of abuse, sex workers, the broken, the beaten, and the damned."
- Hannah (Sero) Malonado


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Upcoming Performances

Newark, New Jersey
September 29, 2023

Live Performance History

Jimmy Ryans
January 27, 2023

Various Maid Cafes
NY, NJ, CT - various venues
Monthly shows, 2016 - 2018

LoveCraft NYC
October 2016 - 4 dates
December 2016 - 2 dates

Queens, NY
Monthly open mic shows, 2012 - 2016


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